Friday, February 23, 2018

Shoulder Strengthening for Swimmers

Shoulders are the most used muscles in swimming, which is why it is important to strengthen and stretch them. Strengthening your shoulders will not only help prevent injuries, but will also help your performance on your swims. Here are the best exercises and stretches to help keep your shoulders at their best.

External Overhead Rotations

For this exercise, you will need a light dumbbell. Grab the dumbbell in your left arm. Stretch your left arm out and bend your elbow, so that your left hand is pointing to the floor. Slowly raise your hand from pointing downwards to pointing in front of you, almost like you were going to throw a punch, and then raise it until your left hand is facing the ceiling. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 reps before switching arms.


This exercise requires a press bench, or table. In a pinch two chairs that you can lie on your stomach and stick both arms through will work. You will also need some light dumbbells. Start by lying on your stomach with a dumbbell in each hand. Let your arms hang in the resting position. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift both of the dumbbells up to your chest. Your elbows should be pointing towards the ceiling. Be careful not to rush through this exercise.

Scapular Punches

Grab a yoga mat or a towel and your light weight dumbbells. Lie on the ground with the weight in your left hand. Your left forearm and hand should be punching towards the ceiling. Punch your arm straight out towards the ceiling until your shoulder blades are off of the floor. Slowly lower your shoulder blades back down to the floor, but keep your arm straight in the air. Do 20 reps and then switch arms. This helps with shoulder stability, which prevents injury.

Lateral Raise

Start with your trusty dumbbells in each hand and your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your torso until it is parallel with the ground. Your arms should be hanging towards the ground, but make sure to maintain a straight back. Raise the dumbbells out towards the ceiling, until your arms are stretched out to your sides making a “T” shape. Another way to think of this exercise is to pretend you are a bird and need to flap your wings. Slowly lower your arms to the starting position and repeat.

Shoulder Raise

Hold your dumbbells straight out in front of you with your feet shoulder width apart. Lower the dumbbells so they are just in front of your thighs. Then raise the dumbbells almost to the starting position. Lower the dumbbells just below your belly button and then raise them just above your belly button. Return to the starting position. Repeat this sequence of raising and lowering 5 times.

Waiter Tips

For this exercise, you will need a resistance band and a mirror. Wrap your hands in the band, so that they are about shoulder width apart. Stand in front of the mirror and pull your hands apart, while keeping your upper arms close to your body, until they are parallel to the side of your body. Check the mirror to make sure your shoulders are not shrugging. Return to the start position and repeat 15 times. This exercise helps strengthen your rotator cuffs.

Stretching Time

Upward Plank Pose

To do this stretch, find a surface that you will not slip on. Start by sitting down on the floor, with your feet stretched in front of you. Place your hands beneath your shoulder, and when you are ready inhale and press down on your hands and feet to lift your body in the air. Let your head drop and hold the pose. Your body should be straight and look like a diagonal line.

Becoming a Table

From the Upward Plank Pose, rock up towards your head. Shift your legs until your feet are perpendicular to the ground. You should look like a makeshift table. Take a few deep breaths and then return back to the ground.


Start this stretch by raising both your arms over your head. Place your right hand over your left hand. Keep your hands together and push up towards the sky. You should feel it in your shoulders and in your back. Hold this position for a few moments then lean to the left and hold. Return back to the main stretch, and lean to the right and hold. This stretch will help alleviate any tight muscles that might be sore in the next few days.

Keeping your shoulders strong and stretched will help you perform at your best. Strengthening your shoulders will also help prevent injuries from occurring. Remember to stretch out after your workouts to keep your shoulder muscles from tightening up.

Happy Swimming!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Back in Mind

Back exercises and running surprisingly go hand in hand. If your running form needs improvement, it’s likely that your posture does too. Having a strong back will help propel you forward at a more efficient rate.

Lower Back


For this exercise, lay a yoga mat or towel on the ground. Start by lying down on your stomach. Raise your arms to your head, so your hands are placed at the back of your head. Your elbows should be bent and out to the sides. Lift your head off of the ground shortly followed by lifting your shoulders and chest. Your lower abdominals and legs should be the only body parts touching the mat. Hold the position for 5 seconds before resting and going into another rep.


Stay in the same starting position as the Superman’s. Place your arms straight out above your head. Then raise your right arm and your left leg and hold, then place them back down. Switch and raise your left arm and your right leg and hold, then place them back down. When you are comfortable pick up the speed in-between switches, until it’s one fluid motion. It’s almost as if you were pretending to swim on the land.

Bird Dogs

To start this exercise, get on your hands and knees. Start by reaching out with your left arm straight above your head and at the same time, extending your right leg straight back. This should be done at a slower speed. Once both are fully stretched out, hold the position. Slowly, bring your left arm and right leg back towards the starting position. You want to touch your left elbow to your right knee before returning both to the ground. After you completed your reps for this side switch sides, so that now your right arm raises forward and your left leg extends back. Hold, and then let your right elbow touch your left knee before setting them back on the ground.

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Child’s Pose

This is a nice stretch to release the tension in your lower back, and it’s a good way to end a lower back workout. Start on the ground on your hands and knees. Keeping your hands planted firmly on the ground, gently rock backwards until you are resting on your legs. Keep your head down and breathe deeply. Stay in this position until you feel properly stretched out.  

Upper Body

Renegade Row

These are extreme push-ups, so if your push-up game is not as strong yet hold off on this exercise. For this exercise, you will need two light dumbbells, choose a weight that is not effortless, but not tiring after a few reps. With your dumbbells close, get into a push up position. Move your dumbbells so they are directly underneath where you would place your hands. When you are comfortable, grab a dumbbell in each hand and do a push-up. When you are back in the starting push-up position, raise your right dumbbell by letting your right elbow bend backwards, then place it back down. Then do another push-up. Once you are back in starting position raise your left dumbbell until your hand is even with your chest. Two push-ups with both of the tricep curls is one complete rep. Try doing 10 and modify it if you need to.

Shoulder Squeeze

Start in a push-up position. Instead of going into a push-up, let your shoulders drop, so that they move closer together. Squeeze, hold, and then relax. It should feel like you are trying to arch your back in push-up position. Do 10 reps of these to strengthen your upper back.

Standing Rows

Choose a dumbbell weight that will work your arms and one that you can easily do reps with. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and slightly bend your knees. Keeping your back straight, bend your torso forward. Pull the weights up, so that your elbows stick up past your back, but your arms remain close to your body. Then lower your arms back down again. Make sure when you do this exercise not to round your back, this will undo the work of the exercise and creates the possibility for injury.

Hopefully with these exercises, your back will get and maintain the strength it needs to help you become a better runner and cyclist. Maintaining a strong back will help improve your posture and prevent injuries from occurring.

Happy Strengthening!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nutrition through the Holidays

Triathlon season might have ended, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your healthy eating habits. Staying fit through the holidays is a challenge, but it is not impossible. Here are a few tricks and tips to help you survive the season of comfort food and sweets


If your holiday meals contain various ways of cooking potatoes, i.e. mashed, scalloped, au gratin, think about replacing your russets for sweet potatoes. The reason why you want to switch from the traditional white potatoes to sweet potatoes is for the differing nutritional content. While they are equal in some aspects, sweet potatoes contain more potassium and fiber, which means your heart will be happy and you will get fuller faster.

Grains Go a Long Way

Grains that are high in nutritional value like quinoa and rice are perfect for meal prepping. During your meal prep day make enough grains to last throughout the week. Add them to the meals you prep, or if you are on the go and need something fast, cook some beans and plate them on top of your chosen grain. All of a sudden you have a tasty nutritional meal with hardly any time involved. They also serve as a healthy side at a big holiday dinner.

Burger Cravings

If your craving a burger, try a vegetarian or black bean patty. If these alternatives just won’t fill the burger void switch the bun. Instead of eating your burger on a traditional hamburger bun, try swapping the bun for an English muffin. This will save you some calories and unlike making your burger into a wrap, it adds fiber into the meal.

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The Perfect Holiday Snack

The holidays have temptation lurking around every corner. After Halloween there is always plenty of candy and during the Christmas season peppermint is everywhere. Stave off the cravings by snacking on pumpkin seeds. Avoid the prepackaged roasted ones and go for ones you’ve scooped out of the pumpkin or the packaged ones that have the least additives. All they need is a little oil and salt, and then to be baked in the oven. Pumpkin seeds are a great snack because they are loaded with fiber and potassium, making them not only season friendly, but also extremely nutritious.

Simple Switches

If you are preparing festive meals, there are a few simple switches you can make that will cut calories without ditching flavor. Swap the usual milk and butter for almond milk. If you are making potatoes, you can even swap the milk for broth. Use coconut oil to replace olive oil. Try corn bread instead of other dense carbs. Lastly, instead of an overabundance of chocolate or other decadent dessert, try a fruit based dessert.

Come to the Light Side

Turkey is a staple for the holiday meal. Instead of depriving yourself from all holiday foods, take the better part of the turkey. The lighter meat of the turkey is healthier for you than the darker meat portion of the turkey. Don’t skip out on the holiday bird if it’s the centerpiece for you, just be picky on which part of the turkey is on your plate.

For the Pie Lovers

If you’re like me, then pie is non-negotiable. If you’re health conscious this holiday season then it is best to weigh your pie options. Both apple pie and pumpkin pie reign supreme this time of year, but pumpkin pie contains fewer calories then apple pie. Pecan pie is the worst when it comes to nutrition of the typical holiday pies, so unless it can’t be helped, avoid it.

Portion Sizes

The holidays usually include buffet style amounts of food at parties. If everything at the party looks absolutely delicious then your only option is portion control. Take little amounts of everything, as if you were sampling it, to avoid going overboard.

Don’t deprive yourself of holiday fun in the interest of training, but if you want a fitter holiday meal don’t be afraid to try it out. The holidays are a time of celebration and family, so don’t sweat it if you missed a workout or had a day of splurging.

Happy Holidays!