Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bellas Ironman UK race report

I could not be happier!!
It was SO special to win Ironman in my home counrty!

I went into the race feeling determined and strong. But different to normal! As I have had an injury in my hamstring for the past few months, and for the past 8 weeks my training has not been normal.

When it came to the race weekend, I felt calm and down to earth. I think the injury has made me realise how much I really love what I do. I love to train and I love to race.
Having the possibility that I may not race Ironman UK was so upsetting. Just to be there and aiming at a podium made me SO happy.

I came out the water really close to Hillary. That was my best swim ever! One thing I have been able to do while being injured, is SWIM!! So that showed!

I got on my Cervelo and really enjoyed riding it. The plan was to go steady, not crazy. I found myself in the lead by mile 20. That is a first! Never have a led an Ironman so early.
At mile 100 a girl overtook me. I felt like I was flying, but this girl was something else! Very very stong.
I was pretty mad actaully. She was ruining my plan. I had sort of told myself at this stage that this could be my race.
I let her go. There was no way I could go with her.
I concentrating finishing my ride off.

As soon as I began to run, my running legs were there. The girl, Karin Gerber, had taken 5 minutes from me in 12 miles!
I was very happy to see her at mile 5 on the run. I gave her nothing. I ran past her fast and left her in my dust, actaully it was not dust. It was lots of mud because it was a wet English muddy track we were running down!

I had to concentrate. I had to get myself to the finish line now. And hopefully in first place. I was desperate to hold on. At mile 13 my hamstring was really tightening up. But I kept myself together and tried to run in a way that would not hurt the hamstring more.
I know Hillary is strong and if I gave here a chance, she would come and get me. On the out and backs I would see her so I kept the pressure on so that the gap was comfortable for me.

I wanted this race so much. I had my chance and I took it. It was amazing, great and brilliant to cross that line in first place. A very special win in my home country and after such a testing time with my first ever injury.

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