Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bellas IM Hawaii Race Report

Here are a few words to tell you about my race today at the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii.
My result of “DNF” was disappointing, that is for sure!
I was so motivated and excited by my last years 7th place, I really believed I could do that again.

I felt happier once the race was underway, those last 2 hours before the race are nerve racking! And being on the start line is no fun.
I had a good swim so I was happy with that. It was hard work and I had to concentrate hard.

I thought I rode ok, it was a fairly lonely ride for me, but I did pass a few girls and then a whole gaggle of girls in the penalty tent at Hawi!
Then I got to watch them all pass me while they continued to agresivly draft. I was not impressed.
The bike was hot, but no side winds this year. However there was plenty on head winds which was tiring to ride in.

On the run I felt hot from the start! At every aid station I tried to cool off, but it just did nothing. I was running ok for a few miles and ran myself into 13 position, but then I lost it! I felt hot and I was loosinng my strength. I got slower and slower and felt worse and worse. I could not go on, and mile 10 I had to call it a day. Dehydration is of no help!
I was upset. It feels awful to have a bad day.
But I am over it now. I am now believing that it was a good swim-run session for my next races! Loved my Triathlon Shorts.
Well done Teresa! I am impressed!

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