Monday, August 23, 2010

Challenge Copenhagen - Denmark

SLS3 athletes Camilla Lindholm and Petr Varbousek rocked the Challenge race in Copenhagen.
Camilla finished a strong 3rd place just behind Rebekah Keat and Belinda Granger.

"I was so happy since I had a terrible race in Challenge Kraichgau earlier, I was 7th pro due to sickness. This is my best result so far in a big international triathlon and my running split was the best in the field. Now I am trying to get ready for Zofingen the 5/9. And I must say that I love your compression socks, I wear them before, under and after races and even with a skirt on :)! Many thanks :)!"

Petr Vabrousek finished 4th overall and is preparing for the Ironman race in Canada on August 28th.
Chris McDonald had a a bad day at the Challenge race - see what he had to say:

What happened honey ?...........

This is how I remember the end of my run at challenge Copenhagen while staring at the ceiling of an ambulance.
Lets rewind back to the start .
Race day dawned to a cool damp day but by no means the torrential down pour we experience the day before with a 50 year rain fall record with flooded roads and TT helmets floating around transition like canoes.
7am and the 2 tonne canon fires on the beach of Copenhagen and we were off. Unlike my last two races I got off to a great start and was sitting comfortably in the lead group and thinking about the day ahead. At some point during the swim there was a small split in the group with 4 or 5 just slipping away but I was ok with where I was at. As we hit the banks I got the split that the group was just 50 sec up the road .
Onto the bike...I moved quickly through transition and was the first of the group to jump on the bike and made my way up to the small group before leaving this point everything was going to plan and the day was well under way. As we rolled out onto the coast I took a look back and the group was now 15-20 guys .
Most”of the players were taking part in setting the pace as we made our way up the coast before turning into the technical inland section of the course. I played one of my cards here and we got the group down to 5...perfect I thought everything is still going to plan . Once again we were all taking part in setting the pace when I looked back and saw that the rest of the group was making it way back as the pace was slowing …..time to play the next hand in my game plan ...I pulled out of the group and picked up the pace ! As I was making my way up the left side of the group I hear the whistle....# 5 into the next penalty box.....?? “ are you kidding me I am on the front of the group” …. Apparently I gained an advantage from a media motor bike that was on the left side of the road taking photos from the front of the group?....27 professional Ironmans and about the same in half Ironmans and this was a first for me. Anyone who knows me know I hate drafters!
First thought , “its ok chris 4 min is nothing a lot of people have won races after something like this!” I mount the stead again after the 80 km aid station. I get the next split at 105 km... the lead group is down to 90 sec. As I rolled back out onto the coast again I could now see the lead vehicle and the group of guys ...”ok were back to plan” ! BOOM! Flat tire!
SHIT! “ its ok chris fix it and get back on with the job at hand” I made as quick as work as possible with getting the new spare on and was again back to work. 120Km - all good , 130 km making time on the group again , 140km took a big chunk of time through the technical section of the course 150 km Pssst Pssst Boom ! SHIT! Flat #2
At this point I am now left standing on the side of the road hoping that a car will come by to give me a ride back to town . Just as I start the walk towards town I hear another amateur athlete offer me a can of pit this point I had been there for well over 5 min and I thanked the guy immensely ,inflated the tire and we where off again.
T2 . I get a look from marilyn like.....well the hell have you been! ( I know thats what I would have been thinking ) Last time she saw me I was with the lead group and had a smile a mile wide and everything was going to I was not looking to chipper! I started the run in 8th place and had decide with all the things that had happened to just give it a crack and see how things would turn out.
So... some were after 80 km I left my brain on the side of the road and had stopped taking care of myself.... as I ran out onto the board walk of Copenhagen I could barely see 15 feet in front of me....” its ok things will come around and you will be fine “ . lap one didn't loose any time “ but I still cant see more than 15 feet . Lap 2 lost about 2 min but now can only see 10 feet in front of me. Lap three.....what happened honey!
So I have never felt so in control to so out of control in a mater of 60 min... yes I know you are reading this saying “douche bag! “ Why would you stop hydrating ...why didn’t you take any of your me I said the same thing to myself!
I spent 60 min in the ambulance 2 hours in medical tent 4 liters of IV and the whole next day wondering what could have been.
The good news is apparently I collapsed right in front of my dear wife and she caught my head before it hit the cobbles and today on the flight back to the US I feel great!
Train safe

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