Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SLS3® Compression Recovery Tight just arrived.

The long awaited SLS3 compression recovery tight is finally here and available for purchase.
Our Tekweb technology makes this the ultimate must have garment for everybody. Use them after hard training and races, wear them underneath slacks at work, lounge in them at home, sport them during long travel time in planes, trains and automobiles.
Our recovery tights will aid your body in getting oxygenated blood into your legs, removing lactate and other waste products and move them upwards towards the heart - a task your body usually does on its own with a lot of effort.
Graduated compression most prominent at the ankle and decreasing upwards towards your waist provides just the right amount of help for your body's vein pump.

20-30mmHg of graduated compression
Seamless TekWeb technology
Low cut elastic waistband

Sizing recommendation:
Size 2 fits 5'0"-5'6" and 110-140lbs
Size 3 fits 5'2"-5'8" and 130-160lbs
Size 4 fits 5'6"-6'0" and 145-175lbs
Size 5 fits 5'8"-6'2" and 165-195lbs
Size 6 fits 6'0-6'6" and 185-215lbs

Tights fit best if both measurements are in the middle of the respective size ratio.
If you have both measurements on the upper end of a size, you need to size up.
If you have both measurements on the lower end of a size, you need to size down.
If you are short but heavy within a size - that is your size. If you are tall but skinny within a size - that is your size.

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