Friday, October 22, 2010

How much compression do you want?

Review by Adam Casseday and Katie Wolpert:

SLS3 compression tights are the real deal. I have used compression products in the past, but was not sold on their ability to actually compress enough to make a difference. The SLS3 compression recovery tight takes compression to another level though. Be prepared to spend at least five minutes to get these tights on and off as the graduated compressive nature (20-30 mmHg pressure, the company claims) adds this difficulty, but is what makes them work so well. These are undoubtedly not running tights, but purely for recovery purposes. As far as style, they are not the most flattering apparel on the market and you certainly can’t hide anything with their extremely snug fit. I put these tights on immediately after a 100 mile race and left them on for the next twelve hours underneath a pair of jeans. The extra support was nice for tired legs, but the compression was a little uncomfortable and restrictive for such a long period of time. The next morning though, my legs felt the best ever after running a 100-miler. Was it the compression tights or just proper training? I’d say a little of both, but I have no doubt that the SLS3 tights made a significant difference in my recovery.
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