Monday, April 25, 2011

SLS3 Team Athlete Petr Vabrousek Prepares for IM St. George, May 7th

Best of luck to team athlete Petr Vabrousek as he puts the final touches on race preparation for Ironman St. George on May 7th. Petr says "Hilly, dry and hot. What makes it harder then other races with bike climbing, is the run - you don´t have a single running mile flat... Should suit my strengths. Plus I am looking forward to testing my new triathlon suit."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Camilla Lindholm wins European Duathlon Championships

SLS3 athletes Camilla Lindholm (SWE) and Linda Schuecker (GER) where racing the European Duathlon Championships last weekend in Venray (NED). Camilla was women ever to win the Championships twice. Her time was 3:08:52 - more than 2 minutes faster than the second girl. Linda Schuecker finished 8th with a time of 3:13:49 and is preparing for the Challenge race in Copenhagen. Both athletes where racing in the SLS3 FX Triathlon Short plus Triathlon Top.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting ready for the European Duathlon Championships

SLS3 pros Linda Schuecker (GER - picture) and Camilla Lindholm (SWE) are gettting ready to start this upcoming weekend in in Venray/Netherlands at the European Duathlon Championships. Camilla is trying to defend her European Championship title from last year while Linda will be taking this race as a warm up for the season. Both of them will be racing in the new 2011 FX shorts and tops in deep sky/icy white.
Good luck girls!

2011 Triathlon Expo shedule


2.26Race on the Base, CA
3.5Palm Springs, CA
3.26Superseal -San Diego, CA
3.31Oceanside 70.3 - CA
4.09Marquee Triathlon - Tempe, AZ
4.16Big Rock - Perris, CA
4.17LA Tri Series#1 - Bonelli Park, CA
5.1Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
5.6Rio Salado/Tempe - Tempe, AZ
5.14LA Tri Series #2 - Bonelli Park, CA
5.14Tempe International - Tempe, CA
5.22Auburn International - Auburn, CA
6.11LA Tri Series#3 - Bonelli Park, CA
6.26San Diego International, Ca
7.10Carlsbad Triathlon - Carlsbad, CA
7.16Vineman 70.3 - Santa Rosa, CA
7.30Vineman Full - Santa Rosa, CA
7.24Solana Beach, CA
8.21Imperial Beach Tri -San Diego, CA
8.21Hansen Dam Tri - Los Angeles, CA
9.11Superfrog - San Diego, CA
9.25Bonelli Steamboat Tri - Bonelli Park, CA
10.2Mission Bay -San Diego, CA
10.8IM Hawaii - Kona, HI
10.16Women Tri SD - San Diego, CA
10.23Soma Triathlon - Tempe, AZ
12.11Tinsel Triathlon - Hemet, CA