Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SLS3 GrassrootsTeam Athlete, Matt Hiramoto

SLS3 Grassroots Team Athlete. Matt Hiramoto, lives and trains in Honolulu, Hawaii. When he's not training and racing, he likes to make his own meals from scratch. If the idea of fresh, moist energy bars like Clif Bar sounds good, or whipping up a batch of homemade vanilla bean ice cream, then check out his blog for some tasty ideas: tricook.blogspot.com.
Matt is a loves to train and race in the SLS3 Triathlon Shorts and compression socks.

Petr Vabrousek wins Viennaman 1/2 Ironman

Petr Vabrousek won his 4th Viennaman, a 1/2 Ironman distance race in the Czech Republik. It was a tough day in the office for Petr out there fighting the elements: cold and rain. But the hard work paid off even if only 17 seconds separated him from second placed Robert Lang… Did the SLS3 compression socks made a difference?

Kellie Wells finishes 2nd at Diamond League in Rome

Kellie Wells finished 2nd place at the Diamond League Track Meet in Rome. Kellie is currently the series points leader and holds the current World Lead time for the 100m hurdles! We are excited to see her at the World Championship this summer rocking SLS3 compression socks.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kevin Gillotti finishes 3rd at OC Duathlon.

I had a fantastic race last weekend at the OC Duathlon. After a fast sprint first run, I came out of T1 in first but was quickly caught on the bike before hitting the long canyon climb. Tough 40k bike course with long climbs and fast descents, so I eased back a little to keep from blowing up, but felt really strong all in all for where I am at for cycling condition. So, I came into T2 in 7th. That is when the real magic started for me. I came of out T2 and ran through the field and felt fantastic on the very tough road/trail twisting and turning 10k and ran myself into 3rd place overall and went just under 40 minutes in that tough 10k off the bike. Perfect weather, cool with a tad bit of drizzle, really helped me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome new SLS3 Team Athlete, Amy Larson

Amy is busy putting in the final weeks of training preparation for IM Coeur d'Alene on June 26th. We'd like to welcome Amy and her husband, Andy, to the SLS3 Team! Both will be wearing SLS3 Triathlon Suits.

Congratulations to new SLS3 Team Athlete David Callahan

Congratulations to new SLS3 Team Athlete, David Callahan for his 2nd place division finish at Memphis in May last weekend.

Read David's race report at:
David's blogspot

Marco Anzures joins Team SLS3

We are happy to announce that Marco Anzures joins Team SLS3. Marco is a talented distance runner and is in the USA Olympic Development team. His PB for 10k is 29:00 . We are hoping to help him break the 29 minutes with a little bit of help from SLS3 compression socks.
Anzures' Best Marks

800m - 1:55.6
1500m - 3:47.85
1 mile - 4:06.31
Indoor 3000m - 8:03.07
Steeple - 9:04.82

Outdoor 5000m - 14:07.69
Indoor 5000m - 14:03.58
10,000m - 29:00.21
Indoor 3000m - 8:16.39

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Team Athlete, Joshua Merrick's Rev3 Knoxville recap:
"After exiting the swim in the a pack of three near the tail of the racers I went to work on the bike picking my way through the men's field on the challenging hilly bike course. Into T2 and out on the run I was able to run down three more athletes finishing in 15th overall.
The SLS3 Triathlon suit works great. It was comfortable and dried quicker than my skin. The compression was an added bonus help shield the legs from the pounding of the 10k run. I utilized throughout the trip the SLS3 compression socks and recovery tights to help with post workout recovery and stave off the heavy leg syndrome felt after flying."
Read more about Joshua: http://joshmerrick.blogspot.com/

Heleen bij de Vaate: IM 70.3 Austria, 8th place, improving slowly...!

"Last week I did a small Europe-tour and at the end Ironman 70.3 Austria in Sankt-Polten: A week ago I was on the island of Mallorca. In the meantime I have been in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and now Austria. Yesterday I participated in the IM 70.3 of St. Polten. It is a beautiful race with 3000 participants. I also did the race 4 years ago so I could remember the course more or less. The swim is divided in 2 parts in different lakes with a 200m run in between, very special and fun. The bike has some climbs and descends, but also a fast flat section on the highway. For me the race went a little bit better than last week, especially on the run - the Triathlon Shorts are perfect. I also like the Triathlon top with the big pockets. Step by step I will improve towards my top form for this year. It was the first time ever I did 2 70.3 races in consecutive weekends, but the recovery was good enough thanks to SLS3 compression. Next is a training camp in altitude. There the important parts of the puzzle should be added. Like last year, after this camp I hope to be ready for the first full distance Ironman of the season: the 3rd of July, Ironman Klagenfurt."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Petr Vabrousek finishes 9th at IM Texas

SLS3 athlete Petr Vabrousek finished 9th at the Ironman Texas last weekend in a time of 9:37:29. This was his second Ironman in just 14 days and his 100th in total. Petr was more than happy with his result. He secured a Kona spot for the Ironman World Championship Race in Hawaii in October and takes some time off to recover with SLS3 compression socks.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Xtri Catches Up with Petr Vabrousek as He Readies for his 100th Ironman...

picture courtesy of Xtri

read the interview
here and see what Petr has to say about SLS3 compression socks.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SLS3 Team Athlete, Thomas Maliszewski III from Rochester, Michigan, had a great race at the REV3 in Knoxville on May 14th,- second overall, fastest bike split and second fastest run split rocking the SLS3 Triathlon Shorts.

Read more on Thomas' blog:

Monday, May 16, 2011

SLS3 has arrived in Germany

The first athletes are wearing SLS3 in Germany. Here is a picture of Christian in a local race in Hoffenheim rocking the SLS3 Triathlon shorts and Triathlon Top. He will be racing Ironman Frankfurt and trying to qualify for Kona in his agegroup - good luck Christian.

Kevin Gillotti wins Encinitas Duathlon

Kevin won the local super sprint Encinitas Duathlon this weekend racing in the SLS3 Triathlon Shorts. "I won it the first year in 2006 and now 5 years later, won it again. The body is reacting & responding as though I did not take 2 years off competitive duathlons in that it seems just as
natural as ever - my reactions and skills are intact. I just need too continue to build the speed, turn-over and power it takes to race
explosively fast from the gun - something 2 years of lower RPM trail racing strips away from you. Endurance is there and not an issue. This race is a fun, fast, flat, balls out course that is go, go, go right from the start. So fast & short, we are talking a whole sprint duathlon in about the same time it takes to run a 10k! About perfect conditions other than having to
weave through hundreds of triathletes from all of the waves that went off ahead of us. I have kind of always thought that sprint races were more my forte when in top shape, but I like all kinds of distances."

Petr Vabrousek: 2 Ironman in 3 weeks

SLS3 athlete Petr Vabrousek placed 9th at Ironman Utah. " Cold water, hot air, hilly course. It was not easy, but another top 10. Probably secured my Kona slot already prior to Ironman Texas in 2 weeks." Petr is currently in 13th place at the Kona Pro ranking.
Just one week after Ironman Utah he raced the czech Mamut Tour - a hilly 210 km cyling road race in Prerov, Czech republic. He finished an incredible 36th overall, 13 minutes down to the winner. "It was a great preparation between Ironman races in Utah and Texas."
Next weekend Petr will be racing Ironman Texas in SLS3 triathlon shorts and compression socks- his 100th Ironman Distance race – "If I place in top 15, my Kona spot should be already secured!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Petr Vabrousek finishes 9th at IM St. George

Petr Vabrousek just finished 9th at the Ironman in St. George - one of the hardest races worldwide. Petr is getting ready for a second Ironman in two weeks, when he will be racing Ironman Texas. He sure knows how to recover from races like these with a little bit of help from SLS3 compression socks.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Simon Malo`s race report from the Gulf Coast Triathlon.

I just raced the Gulf Coast Triathlon (2km-90km-21,1km) this last May 7th. First race of 2011 for me. This competition was a laboratory to know my current physical condition. Here I always had troubles with the heat. So I decided to swim as fast as I can, bike like a possessed man and survive on the run. I leaved the ocean in second place only few seconds from the lead. I took the lead in T1. On the bike I build a 7min lead through the 90k of this portion. Thanks to my new QR bike. A second transition with a victory in mind. For the run I loved my Triathlon Shorts and ran pretty good for the first part. I was able to run a 4m/km pace but the heat just melted my lead and I had to run like a turtle for the last part. I finished second pro. In conclusion, I am really happy with the overall result. I know that in a few weeks I will have spend more time on my bike and I will be better in the heat. So I am able to swim fast, bike really hard and the run will be ready pretty soon.
Thanks, Simon

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Join Team SLS3. FX :: FRT and Compression

Sponsorship. Would you like to join our SLS3 Racing Team? We want to get your feedback and input on performance, fit and quality. In return, team athletes get discounts on all apparel and race incentives towards apparel.

You don't have to be a Pro. We're looking for warm, friendly, out going athletes who love the sport and love connecting to other athletes, shops, coaches and media. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think
might make a great SLS3 ambassador!

We will provide you with Triathlon Shorts, Triathlon Suits and Triathlon Tops.
Let us hear from you. Check our website
www.slstri.com for the latest in compression news, specials and athlete bios..

SLS3 Team

Monday, May 2, 2011

Duathlon Nationals 2011

Race report from Kevin Gilotti:

"Well – the gear worked awesome and I got you some great weekend exposure at the expo and the race. The visor is fantastic design and very streamlined like you don’t typically see. Top and bottoms were great and despite high heat, the top felt fine though I kept it unzipped. The compression Full Leg Sleeves were just great, I even slept in them and the felt better then some tights I have by other manufacturers.

To bad my results were not as good .. But kind of as expected.
Generally speaking, if you take 2 years off competitive duathlons (and thus competitive cycling), focus those 2 years on trail racing (which means slower leg turn-over), take a crucial base building month of January off to travel in Thailand, miss 4-5 key early season fitness races, deal with a hami injury for 4-5 critical weeks of speed work up to a nationals caliber race race you can pretty much count on taking an ass whipping - which I did.
I had a great race technically speaking as nearly 20 years of du instincts took over and all went great... I just had no speed or power to back it up
and my results show that. I just need more speed work and more miles under
my belt."

Kevin was racing in the SLS3 Triathlon Shorts.