Monday, May 2, 2011

Duathlon Nationals 2011

Race report from Kevin Gilotti:

"Well – the gear worked awesome and I got you some great weekend exposure at the expo and the race. The visor is fantastic design and very streamlined like you don’t typically see. Top and bottoms were great and despite high heat, the top felt fine though I kept it unzipped. The compression Full Leg Sleeves were just great, I even slept in them and the felt better then some tights I have by other manufacturers.

To bad my results were not as good .. But kind of as expected.
Generally speaking, if you take 2 years off competitive duathlons (and thus competitive cycling), focus those 2 years on trail racing (which means slower leg turn-over), take a crucial base building month of January off to travel in Thailand, miss 4-5 key early season fitness races, deal with a hami injury for 4-5 critical weeks of speed work up to a nationals caliber race race you can pretty much count on taking an ass whipping - which I did.
I had a great race technically speaking as nearly 20 years of du instincts took over and all went great... I just had no speed or power to back it up
and my results show that. I just need more speed work and more miles under
my belt."

Kevin was racing in the SLS3 Triathlon Shorts.

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