Monday, May 16, 2011

Kevin Gillotti wins Encinitas Duathlon

Kevin won the local super sprint Encinitas Duathlon this weekend racing in the SLS3 Triathlon Shorts. "I won it the first year in 2006 and now 5 years later, won it again. The body is reacting & responding as though I did not take 2 years off competitive duathlons in that it seems just as
natural as ever - my reactions and skills are intact. I just need too continue to build the speed, turn-over and power it takes to race
explosively fast from the gun - something 2 years of lower RPM trail racing strips away from you. Endurance is there and not an issue. This race is a fun, fast, flat, balls out course that is go, go, go right from the start. So fast & short, we are talking a whole sprint duathlon in about the same time it takes to run a 10k! About perfect conditions other than having to
weave through hundreds of triathletes from all of the waves that went off ahead of us. I have kind of always thought that sprint races were more my forte when in top shape, but I like all kinds of distances."

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