Monday, July 25, 2011

Team Athlete, Shane Giardino, takes first in his AG at the Music City Triathlon, Nashville Tennessee.

Team athlete, Shane Giardino, took first in his AG on Sunday at the Music City Triathlon, Nashville, Tennessee. Shane trains and races in our Raven Black FX top and shorts with added benefits of cold black technology which keeps him cool in the crushing sun and heat!

Next up for Shane, the August Georgia 70.3.

Heleen bij de Vaate 9th at Ironman Germany

It's the morning after the race. As usually I slept only a couple of hours, so what can you better do then writing a story for your website. It started as an experiment to see how I would perform in an IM race just 3 weeks after another IM race. And the second reason that I signed up for Frankfurt was that I didn't know before hand if I would have enough points to go to Kona. After Klagenfurt I was already sure, so this reason wasn't a valid one anymore. The 3 weeks in between, the focus was on recovery, some key sessions and tapering. I felt great and was ready to race again.
I like to race in nice and warm weather. But nothing of that we had yesterday. It was rainy, cold and very windy. That made the race really though. My swim was ok, not great, still my 2nd best split ever. During the bike I felt that although I felt well in training, my muscles weren't fully recovered. I lacked some power, so although it felt that I was pushing really hard, the result was a lousy bike split. But I still had the motivation to race as fast as I could for the moment. So the run was reasonable good. I passed a few girls and came in 9th.

The result of the experiment is that I'm not fully recovered from an IM after 3 weeks. But I'm sure that I'm going to Hawaii!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Team Athlete, David Callahan, takes first in Clydesdale Division

Team Athlete, David Callahan, took first place in the Clydesdale Division at the Mach Tenn Triathlon last weekend near Nashville, Tennessee. It's been a hot summer there, but David is keeping cool in the Raven Black SLS3 FX top and shorts with Coldblack technology. Coldblack is a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays helping to keep his core temperature down.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heleen bij de Vaate: PB and 4th place at IM Austria

A great day yesterday: for the first time in my career I swam below one hour (58.54). I already had a good feeling in training, but it's more satisfying if you also can show it on race day. The bike was fast, as expected on this course. But then I also ran a sub-3h marathon (2.59.40), the fastest run-split of the day in the womans-field. Overall, the sum of the swim-bike-run was a sub-9h time, a fantastic personal best. If I counted well, there are only 14 ladies worldwide who ever were faster. Including the 3 woman who finished on the podium yesterday. It's unbelievable that this race wasn't good enough to finish top-3, but that reflects the high level of the race yesterday.