Friday, August 12, 2011 Review: SLS3’s Latest Compression Bike Bib Short

Over the past several years, compression apparel has taken the tri-world by storm. We were all scratching our heads only a few short years ago when we saw the first person running down Ali'I Dr looking more ready to play soccer than racing an Ironman. Fast-forward to today, it seems every apparel company has some type of compression line in their catalog and what we once thought of as a fad is only growing!

We were giving the opportunity to test out SLS3's latest Compression Bike Bib Short. The first thing we noticed was the use of three different materials in the garment. This does a variety of things making the product unique. It provides compression where you want it, on the main, large muscle groups used for cycling, while providing flexibility and breathability where you don't need compression making the bib shorts very comfortable to wear and keeping you cool on those long hot rides.

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