Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cycling indoors : Four high intensity cycle workouts

Short, high intensity interval workouts are the scientifically-proven best way to lose weight and increase fitness in less time. Here we show you four HIIT workouts. Don't try them all at once... and make sure to recover properly with compression socks.

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Workout 1

Perform a three-minute warm-up at 65% maximum heart rate.
Cycle for 1km as fast as possible. Then continue to cycle at a comfortable pace until your heart rate reaches 125 RPM and repeat for five rounds.
Perform a three-minute cool down at a comfortable pace.

Workout 2

Perform a three-minute warm-up at 65% maximum heart rate.
Bring your RPM up to 110. Every thirty seconds increase the resistance one notch until you can no longer maintain a 110 RPM pace.
Rest for three minutes and then repeat for three rounds. Perform a three-minute cool down at a comfortable pace.

Workout 3

Perform a three-minute warm-up at 65% maximum heart rate.
Explode hard and fast for twenty seconds, recover for ten seconds and repeat for eight rounds.
Perform a three-minute cool down at a comfortable pace.

Workout 4

Perform a three-minute warm-up at 65% maximum heart rate.
Pedal hard as possible for thirty seconds, recover for thirty seconds and repeat. Your RPM during work sets should exceed 120.
Perform three-minute cool down.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SLS3 accepts applications for the 2014 Team SLS3

You don`t have to be the fastest athlete to be the best for us. SLS3 is currently accepting applications for U.S. based athletes who would like to be considered for Team SLS3.
The Team is a community of Triathletes, from beginners to pros, supported by SLS3 as they accomplish their goals and compete in the sport they love.

Team SLS3 info:
Selected athletes will receive the following:
  • Team SLS3 race outfit 
  • SLS3 compression socks and race sleeves
  • SLS3 performance visor
  • SLS3 race belt
  • SLS3 swim cap
  • SLS3 running socks
  • SLS3 run shirt
  • SLS3 cycle jersey - available in the $149 option
  • SLS3 cycle bib shorts - available in the $149 option
Obligations of Team SLS3 athletes:
  • Team due of $99 or $149
  • must wear Team uniform during all races (minimum of 6-8 Triathlon races)
  • upload photos from races and training to social media outlets on a weekly bases
  • submit race results within a week after race date
  • be a strong brand ambassador in local racing/training community, promoting the SLS3 brand.
Athletes who are interested in becoming a member of Team SLS3 are asked to contact Sebastian Linke at Please include a race resume with past results, a digital race photo and a 2014 tentative race schedule.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Top Winter Training Tips to Gain the Edge in 2014

People think that it is easy to run and natural… yes, it is! However, as we begin to get older, we spend more time sitting than we are designed too; it shortens muscles, weakens out buttocks and core, all causing us to run in a less effective and efficient way – and become prone to injury…

 So, as January rapidly approaches, we have summarized a few top tips, let me know your thoughts…

 * Progressive Training and Quality Rest Days: adding no more than 10% to your training volume and speed per week, ideally with every 6th week (and at least 1 day per week as a quality rest day) as easy week to allow the muscles to adapt and recover. 

 * Start Slowly & Build from a Strong Base to Avoid Injury: enhance performance and enjoyment – break your big goal down into small manageable steps. Do the same if you are changing from road races to off road cross country season, remember stability and core training.

 * Mix the Sessions Up! Make sure you do long and steady, easy, short and quick, hills and intervals to challenge your body, vary your training and improve your overall pace! Joining a club or agreeing a training day will really help with motivation, especially if it is dark & wet. Once you are outside, you will feel revitalized and refreshed.

 * Listen to Your Body: never run through an injury or flu/chest infections – it will only get worse and it is there as a warning. A couple of easy sessions, extra stretching and a good sports massage will limit long term injury or recurring illness. Boost immunity and recovery with quality nutrition and avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates which will drain your immune system.

 * Include Core Sessions: the more your run, the more core sessions you need to do – the stronger your core muscles, the less likely you will be injured, the stronger you will run and you will be more efficient. All too often athletes do less core when the training increases – however, it is vital that you do more Core sessions. Core sessions should be varied and include lots different exercises using cables, medicine balls, bosu and swiss ball – working the front, side and back muscles.

 * Stop at the First Sign: most running injuries are caused through repetitive use, (not sudden impact such as rugby) so it will have been caused over a number of weeks and possibly months. So the day you get ‘the niggle’ is not the first day of its appearance – so make sure you do listen to your body to prevent the niggle becoming a limiting factor to your training and racing!

 * Have regular quality sports massage sessions: if you stretch and do core sessions you will need one about every 2-4 weeks … Possibly more depending on your goals and bio mechanics. If you find a good sports therapist they will get used to how your muscles feel, pick up on injuries before they become a problem, reduce fatigue, speed up recovery time and enhance your training sessions. When Olympic athletes were asked what compliments and benefits their training, 97% responded with sports massage as number 1 as well as compression socks.

 * And Finally ENJOY Running: set some clear winter goals from now until March 2014, and have FUN – the more your relax, breathe and listen to your body the most effective and fun your training will be!