Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SLS3 Triathlon Team 2014

Check out this presentation of the 2014 SLS3 Triathlon Team. Thanks to all the Team members who supported us this year and helped us spread the SLS3 love.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Benefits of Compression Wear & Our High Quality Compression Sport Socks

Many athletes swear by compression socks and sleeves. Here’s why. Compression wear has been developed according to the validated medical theory that compression increases blood flow. What this means for athletes is that compression wear can allow for an improved performance, reduced soreness, and an expedited recovery post-event. Essentially, compression garments put outside pressure on the muscle, causing better blood flow inside the muscles and surrounding connective tissue. This also helps to maintain even blood flow, which is especially difficult to achieve while standing upright and while exercising. The added pressure brought about by compression wear causes a volume redistribution, allowing for the increased flow rate.
Research conducted by the University of Newcastle finds that wearing compression socks during high-intensity running should improve performance. While this does not necessarily mean that the runner will be faster, it does speak to the potential of compression wear. Moreover, research further supports the notion that compression wear can reduce soreness post-workout, a problem athletes are well acquainted with. What is believed to cause the pain is the shaking of muscles upon the impact of the foot connecting with the ground. However, the external pressure gained through compression apparel keeps the muscle secure. This prevents muscle breakdown, thus reducing soreness. This has been validated by research conducted at Massey University. Their research found that 93% of subjects running without compression socks experienced pain within the following 24 hours. Meanwhile, only 14% of those wearing compression apparel reported similar soreness.

By the same token, compression wear can expedite the recovery period after an intense workout.  Using compression gear post-exercise can accelerate the removal of metabolic waste while replenishing substances required to rebuild the muscle. This is a main source of excitement among athletes, and even air travelers, who insist their legs feel fresher after wearing such apparel. During recovery, the compression gear encourages lactation concentration to go away quicker, for muscle pain and swelling to be reduced, and for complete performance to recover at a faster pace.

Based on 37 international sport compression studies, SLS3 is confident in saying compression wear is beneficial to an athletes overall capabilities. It has proven effective in 3 key areas:

1. Improving maximal strength, sprint performance and jumping height.
2. Influencing oxygen intake and endurance
3. Increasing stamina

SLS3 is proud to not only manufacture high quality lower-body compression wear, but to present our unique Compression Sport Socks which are designed to keep you cool as well. Made from special material, these socks will not only work to keep your blood-flow optimal, but will also work to keep your temperature down for improved performance all around. The Compression Sport Socks will be especially useful when exercising or competing in hot climates. The material is also safe in the sun, and features an impressive 50+ UV ray protection. Our compression wear is available online, starting as low as $44.90.