Tuesday, October 20, 2015

For every item purchased we will give an item to a dog in need.

                                                                          picture courtesy of villalobospitbull.blogspot.com

That is right - for every item that is being purchased from now until 11.30.15 we will be donating a much needed item (i.e. toy, collar, blanket) for a dog at the Villalobos Rescue Center which rescues abandoned, abused and neglected dogs. The center found popularity with the TV show Pit Bulls & Parolees on Animal Planet.

Stay tuned for our updates on facebook.

Save 35% today with code WeHelp and we        will donate a much needed item on your                                      behalf.

You can save big on Compression socks or compression sleeves as well as Triathlon apparel plus our new HipZIPP run belt and feel great about it.

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