Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ten Tips for Running in the Cold

With the winter season approaching, runners everywhere are preparing to tough it out and continue their sport through the harsh weather. If you’re new to the sport and aren’t quite sure how to approach this, we’ve listed 10 tips below to help you keep running through the winter and make the most of your running belt.

1. Stay Motivated

Running in the cold requires plenty of motivation, so make a winter running schedule and stick with it. If it’s ever too cold or snowy, you can always go back inside and continue the run when it clears up or move your run to the next day.

2. Dress Properly

When dressing for winter running, you want to dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer. This will keep you warm enough but also allow enough flexibility to run comfortably and effectively.

3. Proper Shoes

Make sure that the shoes that you wear have a minimal amount of mesh – shoes with Gore-Tex uppers are the most ideal and will give you the grip that you need.

4. Warm Up

Warm up inside your home to get your sweat going before you head outside. This can be accomplished by some simple jump rope or even running up and down some stairs.

5. Remain Seen

Wear something reflective or fluorescent to ensure that you can be seen – winter weather can make it difficult for many people in terms of visibility.

6. Dealing with Wind

When it comes to dealing with wind, always begin your run into the wind and finish it with it at your back. This will ensure that the cold from the wind doesn’t affect you after you’ve broken a sweat.

7. Postrun Changing

Change all of your clothes as soon as your run is over. As soon as you stop running, your core body temperature will drop, making it essential to change in order to avoid the chills.

8. Speed

When running in the winter, forget about speed – it’s more about maintenance running than speedwork so forget about trying to top your time records.

9. Dealing with Rain

Always be prepared to deal with rainy conditions. Some tips for this include carrying plastic baggies in your running belt and putting them on your feet when necessary. Take a look at our HipZIPP belt for a great choice for carrying extra clothes and accessories.

10. Find a Warm Location

If the weather is too much for you to handle, try going someplace around your town that offers warmer temperatures so you can still get your fix.

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  1. Such wonderful suggestions. There’s something so vibrant & revitalizing about going for a solid run. I love the idea of doing it even if the weather is less than perfect. Thank you for sharing!